Advanced manufacturer introducing quantum tech to Australia

Advanced materials manufacturer Dotz Nano has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Canadian distributer Recochem, in a bid to penetrate the Australian market.

The MoU calls for a five-month evaluation period, in which both companies will consider one another’s performance as well as the opportunities for growth in Australia and New Zealand.

Dotz Nano is an Israeli technology company, which specialises in the manufacture of graphene quantum dots (GQDs), used for applications such as medical imaging, sensing, consumer electronics, energy storage, solar cells and computer storage.

If a distribution agreement is to go ahead, both parties have until June 1 to sign on the dotted line.

“We are extremely pleased to have signed this MoU with Recochem as part of our expanding commercialisation of GQDs into various markets,” said Dotz Nano’s CEO, Dr Moti Gross.

“With this agreement, we are continuing to expand our reach into various geographies. The Australian-New Zealand market is a very important market with inroads into Asia.”

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