Adult apprenticeships now available for manufacturing industry

SkillsTech Australia is encouraging manufacturing managers to hire adult apprentices to combat the skills shortage, claiming it can help companies and apprentices with the transition.

The Queensland-based training facility, which just last week announced the first ever adult apprenticeships for the resources and energy sector, claims it can also skill older workers to join the manufacturing industry.

SkillsTech Australia Director of Client Services and Industry Engagement, Helen Bulle, said available state apprenticeship funding and federal employer incentives, in addition to apprentice tool bonuses available across Australia, make recruiting, training and employing adult apprentices an attractive option.

“This funding is available for any sector, including manufacturing,” Bulle told Manufacturers’ Monthly.

Last week, SkillsTech announced a slew of training programs designed to transfer skilled industrial workers to the mining industry.

Six trades are offered: Electrical Fitter Mechanic, Dual Trade Electrical/Instrumentation, Metal Fabrication Boiler Maker Welder, Metal Fabrication Pipe Fitter, Engineering Diesel Fitter and Carpentry Form worker.

Bulle says SkillsTech Australia is also committed to helping manufacturing workers, and can develop customised programs to help individuals make the transition from other trades to manufacturing.

“SkillsTech Australia is willing and more than able to work with manufacturers on customised training programs to engage advanced adult apprentices for their sector,” Bulle said.

“SkillsTech Australia can assist sectors in identifying appropriate mature-aged candidates and provide RPL assessments and customised training solutions specific to the enterprise needs.

“This type of tailored training ensures the apprentice is immediately productive and also attaining their qualifications to Australian best practice and industry standard.”

SkillsTech Australia’s adult apprenticeships for the mining industry are designed to recruit Australians who have extensive skills and experience.
The organisation rigorously assesses the skills they have already acquired and fills the gaps to secure full trade qualifications, potentially graduating participants within 18 months.
More than 1,000 candidates have registered their interest in the adult mining apprenticeships, and nearly all of these have been identified as appropriate candidates.

SkillsTech Australia claims it could offer similar services to manufacturing organisations looking for tradespeople, and older workers looking to get into the manufacturing industry.

The organisation encourages companies to take advantage of government funding provided to companies and workers entering apprenticeships.

“SkillsTech Australia encourages all sectors to investigate the funding available; with incentives from $4000 for eligible employers and more than $5000 for eligible apprentices. The funding is available to assist with skills shortages across all sectors,” said Bulle.

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