Adjustable auto-darkening helmets protect V8 supercar welders

V8 Supercar constructor Triple Eight Race Engineering is using welding helmets from Welding Industries of Australia (WIA) to protect workers’ eyes from flash burn.

The auto-darkening welding helmet used by the welders at Triple Eight is the Digital Elite Miller model, which they say improves their productivity, weld quality and operator comfort.

“Our welders’ health is very important to the company, that’s why we only use Miller auto-darkening helmets here in the workshop,” said senior metal fabricator, Robert Clarke.

“The Miller welding helmets operate very well and the welders love them. They are easy to wear, and are nice and light.

“Importantly, the lenses are quick to darken, plus they have a very large viewing area which means we can see clearly when we are welding, which is very important.”

A feature of the Digital Elite Miller helmet is the X-Mode, which stops false activations of the auto-darkening function when several workers are welding close by each other.

“Often we have two or more welders working on the same vehicle, which with other welding helmets could cause false activations,” said Clarke.

“By adjusting the sensitivity of the X-Mode, our welders are able to continue welding without incessant false activations.”