Adelaide manufacturer wants Holden to stop importing and use its wheels

Adelaide wheel manufacturer ROH has called on Holden to stop importing some of its wheels from North America and to start using ROH’s locally made products.

As reports, ROH says that it will soon install new technology to secure a contract with Toyota and will therefore be able meet Holden’s needs.

Holden imports wheels for its Commodore SSV Redline from North America. The decision to do so was made due to an increase in demand and, at the time of the decision Holden said ROH couldn’t supply the required wheel type.

ROH general manager Bill Davidson said that his company has changed since it last supplied to Holden in 2005 and he would like to have the opportunity to speak to Holden again.

Davidson said that the ROH will be installing new “flow forming” technology by next August and that the company has “had the wheel rims stress-tested by the CSIRO and they are a similar strength and weight as a forged wheel rim.”

“Supply of Australian-made wheels to Holden would support a whole bunch of suppliers to the wheel industry in Australia,” he said.

“If car companies are getting taxpayer assistant it would be good to see more local content in cars.”