ADDE becomes third local distributor for Universal Robots

Fast-growing collaborative robot company Universal Robots has added a third Australian distributor, Andrew Donald Design Engineering.

ADDE’s managing director, Barry Hendy, said that he had noticed increased interest in compact, affordable industrial robots.

“We have traditionally been a distributor of high speed industrial robots but the benefits of collaborative robots are appealing to a wide range of manufacturers where the robots can work alongside workers at a bench or on the production line,” Hendy said in a statement.

Universal’s UR range of co-bots measures current in their joints, and robot arms comes to rest if they are met with a force of 150 Newtons. This makes them safe to perform alongside workers.

Universal launched in Australia in March last year, originally partnering with Sensorplex and later adding Auto Control systems as a local distributor.

This January it opened its sixth global office, for the Asia Pacific (not including China and India) region. 

Universal was founded in 2005 in Odense, Denmark. It sold its first unit in 2009, and has sold over 4,000 robots worldwide so far.

NY Stock Exchange-listed Teradyne agreed to buy Universal last month for $US 285 million, citing its strong growth and the booming collaborative robot category. According to the company, the category is growing at 50 per cent annually.



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