ACTU really, really supports the carbon tax (no, really)

The Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) has sent out a media release reiterating its support for the carbon tax – just in case any of us had forgotten.

Obviously the Liberal Party’s Climate Change spokesman Greg Hunt had, since he told a parliamentary inquiry into the Clean Energy Bill that the ACTU said GDP would fall under the tax.

“Comments from the Liberal Party’s Climate Change spokesman Greg Hunt today are misleading and scurrilous,” ACTU President Ged Kearney said.

“Liberal members on the inquiry misrepresented Treasury modelling by claiming that GDP would fall. This is blatantly incorrect and Mr Fetter rightly rejected that interpretation at today’s hearing.

“Mr Hunt selectively used comments made at the inquiry today, while ignoring the context in which they were made.”

Earlier this month, Kearney announced the union would support the (at the time proposed) tax, since a number of key issues of concern previously had been addressed in the package.

ACTU had previously voiced concerns about household costs, protection of existing jobs, and investment in new job-creating technologies.

During the parliamentary inquiry, ACTU Director of Policy and Industrial Joel Fetter reiterated Kearney’s earlier statements, saying GDP and incomes would continue to grow under the carbon scheme. 

Though Fetter recognised that industry growth under the tax will be slow during the adjustment period (to 2020), he said the benefits for the Australian economy and environment from action on climate change would ultimately outweigh any small slowing in the rate of growth.

Fetter, Kearney and the ACTU obviously put great importance in members of the industry knowing that they support the tax.

Image of Ged Kearney sourced from the Daily Telegraph.