ACT tech contract for Australian Army innovation

Canberra manufacturer Kord Defence will receive funding through the Defence Innovation Hub to develop wireless systems control technology to enhance the Australian Army’s capability.

The project worth $635,000 will using Bluetooth Low Energy technology to connect with multiple electronic devices currently in use by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

Industry defence minister Christopher Pyne said that the innovation could provide improved situational awareness for soldiers in combat situations, linking devices used for communications, sensors, and battlefield intelligence.

“Soldiers can focus on their surroundings during high-stress combat situations rather than trying to find buttons or operate equipment such as radios or sensors,” Pyne said.

“I am pleased to announce Kord Defence will receive funding to take this innovative technology to the next level.”

Pyne also said that the investment reflected the government’s support to enhance the ADF, by building opportunities between defence and industry and will support a number of jobs across industry.

“We need to ensure we are meeting our capability needs, and Australian industry plays a critical part in achieving this,” Pyne said.

Senator Seselja said it was great to see a local company leading the development of innovative technology for the Australian Defence Force.

“This contract reflects the innovative technologies emerging from our local Canberra defence industry,” Seselja said.

“What is especially pleasing to see is the work done by Kord Defence in the ACT is bringing significant economic benefits to our region.”