Accenture opens innovation hub for defence, national security

Accenture has opened an innovation hub in Canberra, to serve as a co-design space for the department of defence and security organisations.

Defence Industry Minister Christopher Pyne, who officially opened the hub, said the innovation hub is a significant investment towards building local ICT capabilities and would provide a dedicated space for Defence and National Security projects.

“The government welcomes Accenture’s investment in building a local ICT capability, which will help foster ongoing innovation and allow projects to transition into business operations quickly and seamlessly,” Minister Pyne said.

“Defence is proud to have a long standing partnership with Accenture, having collaborated on the update and support of Defence human resource and air safety systems, as well as the delivery of ICT infrastructure modernisation projects.

Minister Pyne said Accenture is responsible for delivery of the core technology upgrade that will lay the foundation for future enhancements to Defence’s Digital Identity capability.

“The upgrade will integrate into Defence’s complex and secure information technology environment,” he said.

In Australia, Accenture employs over 4,000 professionals working across a broad range of industries, including the public sector and Defence.