ABB’s low voltage products now supported by PowerCad-5

ABB has announced that a broad selection of ABB’s low voltage products are now supported in the latest release of the electrical engineering design software, PowerCad-5.

PowerCad-5 is used by major engineering consultancies, electrical contractors, switchboard manufacturers and end users as both a design tool and standards compliance check for installations.

PowerCad-5 allows circuit breaker selection with full co-ordination curves that can be dynamically adjusted to ensure selectivity or cascading according to design requirements. Cable voltage drop calculations are automatically included along with full fault loop impedance and cable thermal stress considerations. 

The cable selections and calculations are performed to the latest release of AS/NZS 3008. In addition, PowerCad-5 automatically checks compliance to clauses of AS/NZS 3000 for arc fault clearing capacity, as well as supply circuit discrimination of protective devices.

The inclusion of ABB, low voltage products into the latest update, ensures PowerCad-5 users have access to a wide range of the leading electrical engineering products available from ABB.

ABB is known for innovative product solutions and the PowerCad-5 software update includes recent product releases such as the advanced Emax 2 air circuit breaker range. This allows designers to easily include this new range of air circuit breakers which offers the most compact footprint ever seen in low voltage distribution solutions. By allowing the selection of Emax 2 air circuit breakers, PowerCad-5 enables users to select the cutting edge technology and superior performance of the Emax 2, as well as the new generation of trip units available to this range.

PowerCad-5 also supports the range of ABB high efficiency electric motors.

Also included are solutions for 690 Volt and 1000 Volt applications which further extends the application of PowerCad-5 for users in mining and other dedicated applications.

The release of the PowerCad-5 update with ABB low voltage products is intended to enhance the ability of PowerCad-5 users to provide optimum design solutions for their projects.

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