ABB opens regional robotics packaging hub to drive productivity in Southeast Asia

ABB Australia announces the official opening of a new Regional Robotics Packaging Application Hub in Singapore.

Reinforcing ABB’s position in robotics in Southeast Asia, the new hub provides value-added engineering solutions in industrial manufacturing processes tailored for the Asia market. The centre will function as a platform to develop novel robotics manufacturing solutions in hardware and software to benefit growing industries such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, and solar photovoltaics.

The new hub will serve as a live learning and collaborative environment through research and problem-solving from real industrial cases. ABB will also collaborate with training industry partners and educational institutions to help develop highly competent engineering talents to serve the region, accelerating the growth of technical competencies locally and regionally.

ABB’s head in Singapore and the South Asia region, Haider Rashid explains that robotics automation is revolutionising the face of manufacturing. ABB looks forward to sharing its know-how and helping companies become even more cost competitive while meeting the highest standards of productivity and quality.

According to Lim Kok Kiang, Assistant Managing Director at the Singapore Economic Development Board, Singapore’s Future of Manufacturing initiative aims to position the country as the leading advanced manufacturing hub in the region. The Board is therefore encouraging the manufacturing sector to co-create and implement future manufacturing solutions in Singapore, leveraging technologies such as advanced robotics and automation, additive manufacturing and ICT solutions. By setting up its Regional Robotics Packaging Application Hub, ABB has given a major boost to the country’s advanced manufacturing ambitions.

An extension of ABB’s Robotics Application Center that was set up in 2010, the new 600m² workshop features demo units for picking, packing and palletising processes. The facility will allow end customers, channel partners and ABB to run trials with actual products, assemble robotics systems and conduct factory acceptance tests before delivery.

ABB’s contactless robotics technology allows a high degree of hygiene, accuracy and consistency in manufacturing. The robots’ speed and flexibility allow fast changeover in products to meet customisation demands, while installation in hazardous environments without lighting, heating or air-conditioning enables businesses to be more efficient in their energy usage, also reducing employee exposure to potential hazards and risks.

A world-leading manufacturer of industrial robots and robot systems, ABB has the market’s widest range of robot-based packaging automation, including specialised robots for picking, packing and palletising to meet the demands of most packaging industry applications.