A surprising problem for Dell – Laptops that smell like cat urine

Computer users have found a totally unexpected problem with Dell’s new 6430u laptops – they smell like cats have peed on them.

As Reuters reports, the strange problem first came to light back in June. Users started writing about the smell of their new laptops; some even believed that their cats had produced it.

But it wasn’t just one person making the complaint and people who didn’t even own cats (or dogs) were identifying the smell. So there must have been something else going on.

At first, technicians thought the problem could be solved by users clearing the computers’ air vents, but users insisted that didn’t help.

But, as The international Business Times reports, the mystery has been solved.

Dell investigated the issue and, in a statement sent to IBTimes UK, Dell concluded that the smell was the result of the manufacturing process used for the 6430u laptops.

The statement said, “We would like to reassure customers that the odour was not related to biological contamination nor did it present a health hazard.”

Image: Dell

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