Infastech Engineered Fastening creates a power tool to last decades

While the Avdel 742 tool has lasted up to 30 years in factories across Australia, Infastech Engineered Fastening has a new tool on deck that the company anticipates will outlive its predecessor.

New to the market, the Pop-Avdel ProSert XTN20 is a high speed power tool that offers flexible operation in pull-to-stroke and pull-to-force modes. It is a powerful blind rivet nut tool with endurance, excellent ergonomics, and optimal flexibility.

The ProSert XTN20 increases manufacturing productivity while installing a broad range of thread sizes and grip combinations.

Infastech Engineered Fastening customer service supervisor, Mark Christians, said the new tool increases manufacturing productivity – and while the 742 proved effective for many years, the ProSert is an easier tool to use.

“It’s a smaller, light-weight tool that is ergonomic.” The 742 weighs 2.2 kg while the ProSert is 1.59 kg, which includes the weight of the nose equipment.

“You can get into tighter spaces. It’s much less bulky, easier to handle and less likely to drop.

“It’s more flexible in the way it can be set up. It can be set up by stroke or by pull-force. It gives the operator flexibility with what they are doing,” said Christians.

The tool can be used for different nut inserts, giving the user flexibility. “With the 742, spanners were needed, but the ProSert is quick and easy to change out and it doesn’t require tools to do so.

“With this sort of tool, once you’ve got it set up it shouldn’t require much tweaking,” he said.

Taking the best of the old

While the ProSert has added features that the 742 does not have, many of the internal components are the same as the previous tool, so it is expected to last decades just as the 742 did.

“We are very proud of having the 742 last so long. The longevity of the tool is important to our customers,” said Christians.

Infastech Engineered Fastening national sales manager, Ashley Gorman, said no-one wants to have issues with downtime or having to get tools repaired, which can be costly and time-consuming.

“They don’t want to have to worry about it and that’s why the 742 was so popular. That’s also what they’ve found with the ProSert so far.

“The feedback we’ve had has been fantastic. The customers don’t want to hand them back, which is great,” said Gorman.

New and improved features

The three most significant features of the ProSert are the introduction of a pull-force setting, the reverse button and the ability to change the nose equipment without needing tools.

“It has a reverse button on the tool that the 742 did not have.

“If the tool hasn’t been set correctly or it gets stuck within the application, the operator previously had to manually unwind the spindle, but now there’s a button to remove the tool from the insert.

“That’s a huge saving in time and effort,” said Gorman.

Cycle time is also faster on the ProSert at 1.5 seconds per complete setting rather than 2.5 seconds on the Avdel 742 tool.

The ProSert features include:

• Blind rivet nut tool,

• Flexible operation in both pull-to-force or pull-to-stroke modes,

• High force-to-weight ratio of 11.1 kN/kg,

• Durable high-strength installation mandrels come standard,

• Long lasting hydraulic lip seals maximise re-priming intervals,

• Convenient reverse spin-out button,

• Patented easy to use, tool free, quick installation mandrel system,

• Tool comes with M4, M5, M6 and M8 nose equipment.


• Weight: 1.59 kg (3.50 lb) including nose equipment,

• Pull force: 17.65 kN (3968 lbf) at 5 bar,

• Air supply pressure: 5 – 7 bar (72.5 – 101.5 lbf/in²),

• Piston stroke: 3 – 7 mm (.118 – .275 in.),

• Noise level: Less than 75 dB(A),

• Cycle time: Less than 1.5 sec. per complete setting,

• Placing capability: Blind rivet nuts M3 to M10, 4UNC to 3/8.