A look inside the Sriracha hot sauce factory [VIDEO]

A new video gives a view inside the Californian factory that makes the popular hot sauce Sriracha.

Hypebeast has interviewed Huy Fong Foods’ co-founder David Tran (see below), who began making his chilli-based sauce in 1980 after fleeing Vietnam two years earlier. He left Vietnam for Hong Kong on the ship he later named his company after.

Tran explains that he continues to follow his original recipe, though uses hotter chillies, and the reasons behind the bottles’ colouring.

The chillies used are harvested once a year and processed with maximum speed at the Irwindale factory.

Last year Hoy Fong’s processing plant was in danger of being closed, and was declared a public nuisance in April last year, before this was overturned the following month, according to a profile of Tran in The Atlantic, published last October.

There were reports of complaints in late 2013 from nearby residents, with concerns including smells and respiratory and eye irritations.

According to the article in The Atlantic, 20 million bottles of Sriracha were sold in 2012.


Image: Nick Ut/AP

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