Manufacturing jobs the most applied for in Australia

The most applied for jobs in Australia in 2018 were in the manufacturing, transport and logistics industry, with pickers and packers taking out the number one spot, according to job search website SEEK.

The figures, released on February 21, show the average salary for the most applied for jobs was $48,498. Jobs paying more than $100,000 dominated the list of least applied for jobs.

Manufacturing, transport and logistics also featured on the list of top 10 most applied for jobs – coming in 8th at an average salary of $50,514.

The manufacturing sector took out the number one spot in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Office and administration roles took out the top of the list in the Australian Capital Territory, Northern Territory and Western Australia.

In South Australia retail assistant positions were the most applied for jobs and in Tasmania hospitality roles were the most applied for.

Roles such as waitressing, kitchen jobs, sandwich hands and housekeeping were also among the top 10 most applied for roles on SEEK.

Healthcare and medical is a dominant industry in the top 10 list of least applied for roles, with nursing – midwifery, neo-natal, SCN and NICU roles attracting the lowest number of applications per role of all jobs advertised on SEEK. 

Roles such as tax law, insurance and superannuation law and construction law are also among those least applied for on SEEK.

Topping the least applied for jobs are roles in nursing with an average salary of $82,027.