Cynata’s stem cell technology platform granted new US patent

Australian stem cell regenerative medicine company Cynata Therapeutics has been granted a new patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), covering aspects of their proprietary Cymerus platform.

Cynata Therapeutics’ proprietary Cymerus stem cell technology platform overcomes critical issues in the production of therapeutic mesenchymal stems cells (MSCs) by enabling the economical manufacture of commercial scale MSCs, independent of multi-donor limitations.

The new patent covers certain proprietary methods relating to the platform’s ability to efficiently manufacture MSCs at scale for therapeutic use.

“We are elighted that the UPSTO has granted this additional patent around the core Cymerus technology,” Cynata’s ceo Dr Ross Mcdonald said.

“This further strengthens Cynata’s comprehensive patent portfolio and supports our unique technology that enables the scalable manufacture of consistent, high-quality MSC therapeutic products to treat a range of prevalent and devastating diseases worldwide,” he said.

Cymerus’ novel approach utilises induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) derived from a single blood donation to generate mesenchymoangioblasts (MCAs), a precursor that is used to manufacture an unlimited number of therapeutic MSCs.

Cynta’s unique “off-the-shelf” Cymerus platform has the potential to create a new standard in the development and manufacture of stem cell therapeutics.