Nanollose to develop textile grade cellulose from coconut waste


Australian biotechnology company Nanollose has joined hands with an Indonesian company to produce textile grade microbial cellulose using coconut waste.

The company today announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Indonesian food producer, PT Supra Natami Utama, a subsidiary of PT Niramas Utama, to develop a commercial scale factory and supply chain solution for cellulose production.

PT Supra Natami Utama is one of Indonesia’s largest producers of coconut food, beverages and cosmetic products and has multiple facilities across Indonesia with access to significant quantities of coconut bi-product and waste stream.

Through this partnership, Nanollose intends to access these waste streams for use in the production of textile grade microbial cellulose on an industrial scale, which can then be transformed into fibres using Nanollose’s innovative technology.

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Nanollose’s managing director Alfie Germano said the MoU was a first step in solidifying readily available feedstock that accelerate the development pathway to provide sustainable and greener textile fibre samples.

Nanollose has developed innovative proprietary technologies relating to the production, processing and applications of microbial nanocellulose, which have the potential to effect change in the global cellulose industry and to offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to plant-based cellulose materials.

Nanollose’s focus is to develop sustainable alternatives to plant-based cellulose by developing improved systems and processes to produce plant-free cellulose, novel methods of processing it, and new products from it, which can be used in the global industrial and consumer markets.


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