The science of precision

New Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels from 3M are the first in a series of value-priced products to offer premium performance by including 3M Precision-Shaped Grain technology.

The metal worker working in a steel fabrication shop or the operator working in a car smash repair workshop both have one thing in common: they both rely on high-performance and durable tools to help them deliver their best.

3M prides itself on offering abrasive products that combine high performance and value, helping operators carry out their day to day tasks faster and better.

The company has recently introduced a new product, the 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel, that offers competitive benefits such as a significantly longer life and faster cutting action than that of conventional ceramic, aluminium oxide and alumina zirconia wheels – and at a comparable price.

The 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel features 3M’s pioneering technology called “precision-shaped grain” under the 3M Cubitron II brand.

3M precision-shaped grain

The technology, first introduced by 3M in 2009, uses 3M micro-replication technology to form sharp peaks that “slice” through metal, rather than “ploughing” through the metal, as the conventional ceramic abrasive grains do.

Precision-shaped grain is designed with sharp, angular structures that continuously fracture to form sharp points. These clean, sharp points mean an abrasive that slices faster, runs cooler, and lasts much longer than conventional abrasives, which generate excessive heat buildup and have a shorter life.

Since launching the technology, 3M has continued to research new ways to adapt precision-shaped grain technology to meet specific customer needs.

Over the years, the company has introduced a range of belts, cut and grind wheels, fibre discs, flap discs, and sanding discs in the 3M Cubitron II product range, all featuring the precision-shaped grain technology.

The 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel is the latest addition to the family of products and features precision-shaped ceramic grain for premium grinding performance.

3M identified a growing demand from welders and metalworkers looking for improved grinding productivity, while simultaneously looking for ways to reduce their overall abrasive spend.

To meet these demands, 3M researchers developed a new family of abrasive products incorporating precision-shaped grain in a value- priced construction designed for everyday use.

Operators have reported that by using 3M Silver wheels, they have had better cutting performance and didn’t have to change wheels as often, helping them to reduce their overall abrasive costs.

The 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel is a heavy-duty wheel designed for use in aggressive grinding applications like bevelling, slag removal, weld grinding and edge work on a variety of metals.

Grinding wheels are found in a wide range of industries, including agricultural, industrial and construction machinery, general metal fabrication, oil and gas infrastructure, rail, shipbuilding, stainless steel fabrication, structural steel, tank and vessels repairs.

For weld grinding on mild steel, one customer reports that 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels delivered 95 per cent less wear and a 28 per cent faster cut than their current aluminium oxide wheel.

When removing laser slag from Hardox 960 stainless steel, 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheels lasted twice as long and required less operator pressure than conventional aluminium oxide wheel.

The 3M Silver Depressed Centre Grinding Wheel is a type 27 wheel and is available in diameters ranging from 100 mm to 230 mm (4 to 9 inches).