3D printing pioneer enters Inventors Hall of Fame

Chuck Hull, the founder of 3D Systems and the inventor of stereolithography, has been inducted into the USA’s National Inventors Hall of Fame.

Forbes reports that Hull was among 15 inductees, five of which are still alive, to be added to the honour roll.

“The great challenge for years was to explain what it was,” said Hull of his invention, which he developed in 1984 and named and patented in 1986.

“Thank God those days are over.”

Hull, sometimes referred to as the inventor of 3D printing, also created the .stl file format.

Hull joins inventors including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein and Steve Jobs in the hall in Alexandria, Virginia.

“I sometimes get letters from students thanking me for 3D printing. . . . It won’t be too long before some of those kids will be standing here getting recognition,” said Hull.

Hull is currently the chief technology officer at the company he founded.

He invented his stereolithography technique when working for a company which used UV light to cure a resin coating that protected furniture.

Early adopters of Hull’s patent number 4,575,330 included automotive companies, which used stereolithography for rapid prototyping.


Image: http://www.industryweek.com/