The 3D printer partnership that’s delivering critical infrastructure for innovative manufacturers

Manufacturers exist in an increasingly advanced and competitive environment where there is a growing need to bring better ideas to life, bring better products to market and innovate faster and more cost effectively than their competitors by using latest technology.

As an industry-leading company, 3D Systems has become synonymous for providing the most advanced 3D Printing technology and the widest range of 3D printing related applications – from thermoplastic extrusion, right through to metal powder fusion with directed energy deposition technology.

By helping manufacturers scale and transform their operations, 3D Systems accelerates turning ideas into solutions and products.

Now combined with the global reach and the decades of expertise of Konica Minolta, this industry-leading partnership is able to offer an unparalleled suite of 3D printers, materials and support.

Local and overseas manufacturers are already leveraging these technologies to speed up production, and drive operational efficiencies. 3D Printing is being used by designers and engineering teams in and around their design and production processes for prototyping, castings, patters, mould production, jigs & fixtures and end use part or product manufacturing.

Aerospace, architecture, automotive, defence, dentistry, education, entertainment, healthcare are just some of the industries that have chosen to partner with 3D Systems in order to redefine the way they create new ideas and build new parts and products for our world.

Unlike other companies that have a smaller footprint, thanks to their national network of suppliers and distributors, Konica Minolta is able to provide mission-critical support to 3D Systems through:

Industry leading service support coverage, rapid onsite and local support

  • Logistical access to localised spare parts and consumables
  • Flexible financing options such as monthly rental or lease agreements
  • Tailored business solutions by nationwide business experts

3D Systems has further bolstered this unique partnership with Konica Minolta with the release of two new high-throughput MultiJet Printers (MJP) to its 3D printer family that includes the reliable entry-level ProJet® MJP 2500 Series printer and the fast and powerful ProJet® MJP 3600 Series.

Combining professional grade 3D printing capabilities with an affordable, office-friendly footprint and easy part processing, the ProJet® MJP 2500 Series is designed to enable the creation of precision parts without operators needing to leave their workplace.

The ProJet® MJP 2500 Series allows users to print precision parts without compromising part fidelity or accuracy, while also delivering reliability and 24×7 usability.

The ProJet® MJP 2500 Series offers additional material capability with rigid clear plastic, as well as flexible elastomeric black and elastomeric natural with outstanding elongation and full elastic recovery.

Designed for very fast outputs, the new ProJet® MJP 3600 Series prints at up to twice the speed of the previous generation. With powerful data processing capabilities that support files up to 250 per cent larger than before, the ProJet® MJP 3600 brings enhanced productivity to a wide range of prototyping, casting and OEM part production needs.

And with wax supports that just melt away from even the tightest spaces, design freedom is never limited with the Konica Minolta MJP ProJet Series.

Added to all these benefits is Konica Minolta’s unique partnership with 3D Systems which offers the robust foundation manufacturers need to reshape their operations, build new complex parts and uncover new business opportunities only possible through additive manufacturing methods.

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