3D printed car decorations to be rolled out by Daihatsu in Japan

Image: Stratasys

Japan’s Daihatsu has teamed up with designers and 3D printing company Stratasys to develop mass-customised car decorations.

3DPrint.com and others report that the project – which is being tested this year with commercial plans for 2017 – involves “effect skins” for the two-door Copen Robe Roadster.

These are designed by customers based on 15 different pre-set parameters in 10 different colours, and created in ASA thermoplastic.

“What would have taken two to three months to develop can now be produced in two weeks,” said Osamu Fujishita from Daihatsu in a statement.

The custom options are available for front and rear bumpers and fenders, according to a statement from Stratasys.

The collaborative project also involves Znug Design and 3D creator Sun Junjie.

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