3 Track and Trace Problems Facing Manufacturers

For as long as manufacturing plants exist, product recalls will happen. How often they occur and the impact of them however, is up for negotiation.

Where food is concerned, there are always small risks in the manufacturing process that if not managed well, can have a devastating effect on consumer health.

Globalisation has opened up new opportunities and markets. But as supply chains stretch across long distances and national borders, they are also more vulnerable to disruption.

In 2014, there were 76 food recalls coordinated by FSANZ, almost 35 per cent of which related to Microbial contamination, and recently, in just one month (14th July- 12th August 2015), there have been a massive 46 products recalled according to the ACCC.

Disruptions like this can pose significant losses to a business; particularly where reputation and manufacturing contracts are concerned.

A track and trace guide from Datalogic discusses track and trace systems as a solution to improve accountability and efficiency in the supply chain, and refers to three common problems faced by manufacturers when it comes to supply chain visibility. In short:

Problem 1: Quality Control

Problem 2: Fluctuating Markets

Problem 3: Labelling Demands

Of course, there are solutions to these problems that can be easily implemented in any manufacturing facility, and even customised for your particular application.

For example in food manufacturing, perishable items must be moved through the supply chain as fast as possible, and so the implementation of mobile computers can be used for order picking, and to quickly scan codes on pallets and products at distribution centres and depots.

And in plants were ingredients are brought in from external suppliers, tracking can help to monitor and isolate any risks early on, before it gets onto the production line.

Take Back Control

To read more about solutions for manufacturing that can help to streamline production and supply chain processes so that risks are removed, or at the very least minimised, click here to download full guide.