2014 CAD/BIM Market Survey: Key Findings Report

Based on an online survey of 300 professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand, the 2014 CAD/BIM Market Survey Key Findings Report provides insights into the current state of technology, innovation, business challenges and pain points in the CAD/BIM space.

The Report focuses on the adoption of design technology, particularly Building Information Modelling (BIM) and 3D computer-aided design (CAD) within the architecture, engineering, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing and government sectors.

Adoption of new technology stands out as preferred way for businesses to remain competitive.  This is especially relevant as the market increasingly expects high quality renders, performance analysis and BIM processes, to enforce standards at each stage of design so the final stage requires less effort.

Report snapshot

  • 74% of respondents have either implemented BIM or plan to, while 89% have moved to 3D or plan to.
  • Architecture, Engineering and Construction has the highest level of BIM adoption, at 64%.
  • Only 23% of manufacturers have adopted BIM, however 77% believe inter-departmental collaboration is extremely important.
  • New Zealand trails Australia in BIM adoption, with only 36% having implemented BIM to date, compared to 49% in Australia.
  • 85% said adopting new technology is either extremely or moderately important, while 92% said they already experiment with new technologies or would like to.
  • Only 6% of respondents said the majority or all of the technology they use is in the cloud.
  • When considering concerns with current technology, training topped the list, with 27% pronouncing this as their biggest pain point.

The 2014 CAD/BIM Market Survey Key Findings Report was sponsored by Autodesk, and produced by A2K Technologies, an industry-leading solutions, training, consulting and management firm specialising in design technology.

The Report can be downloaded here

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