2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Technology Application of the Year

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Female Manufacturer of the Year award are:

BOC South Pacific GMA and TIG Arc Projectors

BOC in conjunction with Linde Group has introduced to Australia the GMA and TIG Arc Projector. The Arc Projector training and demonstration tool which displays the difference BOC shielding gases can make to various welds, helping manufacturers optimise results and cut costs.
BOC shielding gas can deliver savings of more than $3 per metre of weld by keeping traditional cost drivers such as labour and welding wire lower, depending upon the specific application.
The Arc Projector produces an optically-magnified image of the welding arc  which changes in real time as the operator changes welding parameters such as wirefeed speed, voltage, stickout, current, pulse frequency shielding gas composition. 

Casting Supply Cassette

Bosch Chassis Systems (BCS) is the only OE brake caliper manufacturer, supplying local car manufacturers with brake callipers, park brakes and knuckles.
Previously the cast iron castings of caliper bodies and brackets, weighing between 1.2 to 3.8kg weree supplied in bulky Ropaks from Sydney. They were decanted into 12.5L bins at 3rd party Logistics next door and supplied to processes. Smaller bin and smaller lot size were chosen to aid lean material flow on site.
The solution was a casting supply cassette that eliminates the need to lift any parts or bins with parts.
Users now place eight 12.5l bins in a 'cassette' which becomes the Kanban.  The cassettes can be stacked in a truck to be transported.
The system has helped with the safe transportation of castings, elimination of manual handling which has cut costs. Minimised stock has also been a benefit from improved technology.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia/Focus Press Lean Enterprise Project Number 1

Focus Press offers a full range of offset and digital printing, pre-press, design and creative services, finishing and fulfilment, direct mail with data management and comprehensive warehousing and distribution services. 
Focus Press has developed a new CBA Specialty yellow which eliminates the need for Process Yellow therefore reducing the 6-colour job to just five colours:
Paper has been reduced by 27%, and make-readies, plates and blankets are all reduced by 17%. The process produces less waste paper, plates, ink, chemicals, ink cartridges and printing blankets. 
If CBA adopt this technique for the majority of their offset printing, the monetary, resource and environmental savings would be considerable. The next stage of the project includes a feasibility study to investigate a broader application of this new technique.

Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Facility

Matrix manufactures and supplies subsea buoyancy systems, and is leading the field in composites and syntactic foam technology for use in advanced engineered products. It opened a new manufacturing facility in 2011 which is the world's largest and most technically advanced composites syntactic plant.
Matrix also houses a hydrostatic pressure testing facility which is capable of qualifying and testing buoyancy systems to a depth of 17,500 feet. This has been advantageous due to the structural trend towards deeper sea drilling which requires superior buoyancy modules.
The new changes have increased its ability to manufacture other composite materials and expand its marketplace
Increased automation has shortened production timeframes, reduced labour costs and wastage as well as reduced plant downtime and costs due to improved OHS standards and procedures.

Robotic End-of-Line Solution

Robotic Automation in conjunction with Amcor Cartons has created a global packaging solution supplying a range of packaging products. 
The Robotic End-of-Line Solution consists of three main component technologies including robotic palletising, automatic guided vehicles and automatic pallet wrapping. 
The design and integration, including R&D, manufacture, build, testing and final on-site installation & commissioning was performed by Robotic Automation to increase staff safety, product quality, and reduce costs while providing a 235% boost to productivity
Each robot performs at the equivalent rate of two manual staff per shift, in up to three shifts per day, without need for break-times or shift changeover time etc. With seven lines in full operation to six cells, the six robots can do the work of more than 42 staff per day.
Automatic Guided Vehicles have allowed a more efficient and flexible use of current floor-space and cost-free adaptability to changing needs.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Technology Application of the Year award is sponsored by SMC.