2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Safety Scheme of the Year

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Safety Scheme of the Year award are.


Creating a safety frame of mind

The Maryvale Mill has three pulp mills, five paper-making machines, an elemental chlorine free bleach plant, pulp lapping machine, finishing facility and a waste paper processing plant. 
When it came to safety and reminding employees who had been on leave or contractors of the importance of safety it decided to implement a Video Display Unit (VDU) at its two pedestrian entrances. 
Maryvale now display 200 plus in-house safety posters that it created over the past four years and due to WorkSafe Victoria and WorkSafe BC a number of safety video commercials have been allowed to be used for this purpose. 
The VDUs at the gates run 24 hours a day seven days a week and are designed so that none of the 887 employees or over 2000 plus contractors who enter the site annually should see the same group of posters or commercials for at least a 12 month period. 

BSS (Ballantyne Safety Systems) 

Ballantyne Safety offers a complete height safety system that includes equipment sourced from manufacturers and Australian accredited training specifically designed for working on roofs.
As part of its R&D program, the Ballantyne design team integrates the opinions and suggestions of safety experts into the product development process. An example of this is the new adjustable off-load T bolt. This allows the roof anchors to be in a fixed position before attempting to enter a roof space. 
Market research has shown a strong need for a secure, safe and reusable roof anchorage system. The Ballantyne roof anchors comply with all Australian testing standards and requirements.
The implementation of BSS manufactured equipment and training courses offers the potential to reduce serious injuries due to falls from roofs to zero. 

Optalert Fatigue Risk Profiler (FRP)

Optalert is said to be the only alertness monitoring technology in the world that can accurately measure a driver's alertness in real time and detect the early onset of drowsiness to prevent an accident.
The Optalert System is the culmination of more than 15 years of research into the physiology of drowsiness by Optalert founder and Chief Scientist, Dr Murray Johns. 
Dr Johns and the team of Melbourne researchers spent many years developing the proprietary drowsiness detection algorithm based on new methods for measuring eye and eyelid movements. This led to the development of the "Johns Drowsiness Scale"; the world's first validated scale of drowsiness in active people.
Since that time, Optalert has gone through a series of design perfections to deliver to the transport and mining sectors a behavior based safety tool that constantly supports the need of the driver to remain safe during their journey.
With the development of the Optalert Fatigue Risk Profiler, Optalert can now make a driver's level of alertness visible to management via the Internet. 
In doing so, Optalert assists those in the 'control room' to share in the responsibility of safe driving, while also improving safety for all road users.

TradiEZrack Safety

Tradiezrack uses a patented rack to hold the weight of boards to make it easy to shift each board at no risk to the tradesmen. It can also be locked so there is no chance of them falling when the site is closed after hours.
Currently, plasterboard, gyprock and timber are placed in the middle of the site, or more commonly leaned against the wall. When a tradesman wants to select a certain piece they commonly lean all boards against themselves and slide out the correct piece. This has resulted in injury and even death
Tradiezrack can be placed on site by the manufacturers of the board and the sheets placed in them when they are delivered, this will negate any injury caused currently by the boards.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Safety Scheme of the Year award is sponsored by SICK.

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