2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Innovative Company of the Year

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Innovative Company of the Year award are:


Compressed and Bulk Gases, Chemicals and Equipment

BOC supplies compressed and bulk gases, chemicals and equipment around the world with its oxygen is used in steel production, chemicals and refining, pulp and paper, glass manufacture, cutting and welding, non ferrous metal smelting, and aquaculture.
BOC has teamed with QGC to develop a micro-LNG industry in Queensland, in which QGC will supply BOC with up to 30 petajoules of coal seam gas over 15 years, with an option for a further 15 years. BOC will liquefy the gas at a multi-million micro-LNG plant at Chinchilla, to supply trucking companies with an environmentally beneficial replacement for diesel.

Dye Solar Cell (DSC)

Dyesol is a green tech renewable energy company and leading global supplier of DSC materials and technology.
Dyesol's business strategy is to develop commercial partnerships with leading global companies with routes to market for solar enabled components such as glass and steel for building products, automotive products and indoor applications.

Offset and digital printed products

Focus Press is a printing company formed in 1994. In January 2012 its Sustainability Manager presented a 30 minute Seminar on its innovative journey and achievements at the 8th International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic and Social Sustainability in Vancouver, Canada.
As an example of the company's product innovation and development, it has developed a technique that reduces 6-colour offset printing jobs into 5-colour offset jobs

Custom-made, architectural feature joinery

Infracraft was conceived out of the desire to make architectural-driven joinery. Infracraft harness new technology and make software programs available on the shop floor for the company's assemblers, finishers and logistics staff to have a fully integrated factory operation.
Over the next 10 years, the company intends to restructure the ownership of the business. Staff will be able to purchase stock, giving them a financial stake in Infracraft and thereby further enhancing their motivation and commitment.

Light Steel Production Machinery

In 1995 Integra Systems built its first high speed coil processing line called the "Punch-IT Coil Processing Line", which was also the first in the world of its kind
The organisation has grown and changed from the early consultancy mode to become a manufacturer with development and production engineering prowess

Artificial Intelligence

iOmniscient products use artificial intelligence based software to analyse the video streams in real time and advise the operator on what is happening.
Intel has selected iOmniscient to be the company which it would use to launch and showcase its new chip for embedding into cameras to enable the computation to be done in the camera itself rather than on an external server.

Voltage converters, battery charging and associated electronic products

REDARC has over 30 years experience in the research, design, development and manufacture of a range of electronic voltage converters, battery charging and associated electronic products.
The company traditionally developed products specifically for the heavy vehicle trucking industry but saw a demand for an in-vehicle battery charger to be used and developed in family products such as 4WD, caravans, campervans, motorhomes boats and police and defence vehicles.

Robotics With Custom Designed/Built End-Of-Arm Tools

RA manufactures unique, turn-key automated solutions for all traditional manufacturing companies.
RA integrates robotics with our own custom designed/built end-of-arm tools (EOAT) such as product grippers and other complimentary automation equipment to engineer an integrated solution.

Heating and cooling products

Seeley have been developing heating and cooling solutions for over 40 years and has most recently released the world's first six star ducted gas heater and Australia's only five star non-condensing ducted gas heater from Braemar.
Seeley International has offices in the UK, France, Spain, Italy and the USA and will be specifically targeting the Australian builders' market with the Braemar products.

Eco-responsible Cleaning & Personal Care Products

Tri Nature develops different ranges of cleaning products and since 2010 has moved from a direct selling model to now having a store in Newcastle as well as an Internet shopping option.
The company has also most recently started adding essential oils to its products and is constantly trying to develop products that substitute harsh chemicals for plant based alternatives.

Round Washers and Stamped Components

WASCA has gone from having 50 customers where designs were done on paper and orders were written by hand to now having over 1000 customers with delivery and invoicing done by advanced computer software.
The company's growth has meant that it has more than 2000 dies and can make an array of fasteners from just about any material that may be required. The company sees itself not as a supplier of washers, but a provider of solutions.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Innovative Company of the Year award is sponsored by Advanced Manufacturing CRC (AMCRC).