2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Global Integration Award

Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Global Integration Award are:


Franchised Distribution Program

AUNEW has initiated and participated in a large number of promotion and marketing events in Asia, including trade shows and expos in Hong Kong, Malaysia, South Korea, and China. 
The company has also grown its overseas presence with a new factory completed last year in NZ as well as 10 new shops opened in China. 
There is also a bonded warehouse in Tianjin port (one hour drive from Beijing), a regulation and distribution team in Beijing, an office in Hong Kong and a newly opened branch in Seoul. 
Since AUNEW has consolidated enough products to support its own store, it is now building distribution channels through a franchising program in China. 

FM1 Fleet Management Telemetry

Automotion Control Systems (ACS) has developed the FM1 'black box' for forklifts which measures operational data such as a vehicle's odometre, hours, metres and time in use (traction) versus idle, operator driving habits, use and abuse of the asset through collision and impact detection.
The Development & Supply Agreement with NMHG means ACS has access to over 750,000 trucks worldwide which steadily grows as they have a life-span of between 5-7 years which is the length of the lease agreement with the customer. ACS' current manufacturing volumes stands at less than 10,000 units per year. 
The company has factored in response time and cost of shipping in deciding upon suppliers for its telemetry products. Harnesses and brackets are specific to the regional range of forklift truck sold in that market, and the cost benefit analysis showed a US or Mexico based supplier for such parts provides the most advantages in both cost and customer responsiveness.

Matrix Global Supply Chain

Matrix Composites & Engineering (Matrix) is involved in the research, design, testing, manufacturer and service of engineered products for use in the oil, gas and resources industries. 
The company manufactures technically advanced buoyancy systems and related equipment for off-shore operations using composite and polymer materials that originate from the aerospace and defence industries. 
The materials are used in the creation of engineered products that are durable, lightweight, economical and reliable: drilling products, well construction equipment upstream SURF ancillary equipment, downstream cryogenic insulation systems, offshore and site services.
Matrix has developed a global network of sales offices, manufacturing plants, service facilities, warehouses and agents in Australia, UK, US, Brazil, Norway, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and India. It also has plans to expand its presence into West Africa in the near future. 
Besides its own networks, Matrix has entered into agreements with agents in Malaysia, Korea and India. This is the most commercially effective arrangement as the agents have established contacts and the correct licenses to operate within that country. 
With a long history in the export market, Matrix has established a solid supply chain that allows it to successfully compete in the global marketplace. 

TAE Aluminium Vacuum Brazing Manufacturing Capability

TAE is an aerospace engineering company providing a combination of aerospace manufacturing, gas turbine engine maintenance and engineering support services. 
It works with multiple products and the technology is used in a growing number of applications such as advanced liquid-cooled electronics enclosures, cold plates, waveguides and radar assemblies. 
TAE has engaged with a number of international supply chains predominantly within the global aerospace and defence arena. 
The focus for this engagement has been primarily with TAE's Aluminium Vacuum Brazing manufacturing capability. 
TAE is said to be the first Australian company to have developed this technology and one of only a very small number world-wide able to offer the capability. 
Over the last 12 months TAE has signed long term agreements and winning production contracts from international multi-national aerospace companies such as Harris Corporation and BAE Systems. 
Included among these contracts have been situations where TAE is now the sole, global supplier for complex components on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Global Integration Award is sponsored by Industry Capability Network (ICN).