2012 Endeavour Awards Finalists: Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award

Enterprise Connect assists Australian companies to introduce improved business practices. Finalists for the 2012 Endeavour Awards Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award are:


Chocolatier Australia specialises in manufacturing for the chocolate market to retail and specialty stores, foodservice outlets, contract manufacturing and logistic services. 
  Since the Enterprise Connect review, Chocolatier has proceeded to address all of the major recommendations including sales and channel management, new product development, inventory and working capital management as well as productivity improvement in the factory.

ECOYA is an Australian home fragrance and body care business. Since joining the Enterprise Connect Program, Ecoya's manufacturing productivity growth has increased by 40% and sales turnover has increased from $10m to almost $16m this financial year. 
The ECOYA team has grown from 25 to over 60 staff and although the Australian market still accounts for more than 60% of sales, it has expanded its export market to the US, (including Bloomingdales and Macy's ), the UK, (including Harrods and Liberty's), Asia and the Middle East. 

Edlyn Foods is a family owned and operated company focused on the food service and hospitality industry. 
Since completing the Enterprise Connect program sales have grown from $18.7m in the year ending 2008/09 to $24.8m in 2010/11, with an increase of 32.6% over the two years. 

Luxmy Furniture is a family owned and operated business which focuses on office furniture and being environmentally sustainable.
Under the recommendations of the Enterprise Connect program, Luxmy launched the Evolvex which is a modular system of furniture which can be designed online by the consumer to fit their specific needs. 

Electra-Loom is a manufacturer of wiring assemblies ranging from single wires to complex harnesses, ribbon cable assemblies, lighting assemblies, electronic assemblies & data cables for the rail, automotive, lighting, electronics and communications manufacturing industries. 
The first full month of operations after completing the Enterprise Connect program resulted in an immediate jump in gross margin of 3%. There was also a dramatic reduction in work in progress with works orders "in production" falling by between 50-75% depending on the nature of work

Longwarry is a producer of full cream milk powders, fat filled milk powders and a variety of other dairy based products. 
In the past year of being on the Enterprise Connect program, cleaning time has been reduced from 3.5hrs to 2hrs using new technology, packaging material wastage has dropped by 98% and new software has been implemented to improve logistics, access to information and reduce costs. 

Therma Truck builds refrigerated truck bodies and vans.
Through Enterprise Connect, Therma Truck adopted the Lean Manufacturing principle with results that included labour hour variations reduced by half from 30% to 15%, average hours per job reduced by up to 35% on previous jobs, profitability positive on all jobs, delivery lead time reduced by 25%, on-time delivery performance improved and a reduction in overall inventory.

Kitchen Innovations is a manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom cabinets for domestic dwellings. 
Since being advised by Enterprise Connect, the company has been customer satisfaction, employee capability and commitment, product innovation and financial performance 
Kitchen Innovations has relocated to larger premises so as to further expand the business and implement newer technology and another new plant has been commissioned. 

VIP Packaging Steel is a supplier of rigid plastic and industrial metal packaging in Australia and NZ. 
VIP identified two areas in need of improvement through Enterprise Connect which were firstly the need to develop a holistic set of performance measures involving all departments in an integrated manner and secondly to create a culture change of continuous improvement
The VIP Packaging Steel Quality Management System is now a fully integrated system, centrally located on the company intranet which supports all five Australian sites.

The 2012 Endeavour Awards Enterprise Connect Significant Achievement Award is sponsored by Enterprise Connect.