​Holden making its “first ever forced redundancies”, 80 to go today: AMWU

Car maker Holden is expected to make about 80 forced redundancies today,
according to reports, as it prepares to decrease daily output at its Elizabeth
factory on May 25.

The ABC reports that a small amount of administration workers were made
redundant yesterday, with 80 expected to be told today.

CarsGuide reports that the number of workers let go yesterday was 10.

According to the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, this is the first time that Holden has ever made forced redundancies.

Charlie Robinson, a worker at the Elizabeth factory, told the ABC that things were made more difficult with nobody certain who would be among those

sort of said goodbye to the people who have taken the redundancy, but we
haven’t said goodbye to the people that we don’t know are going to be going out
the door,” he said.

The 90 or so forced redundancies are part of 270 (out of 1,530) positions
to be cut at Holden as it prepares for its production re-rate on Monday. This was announced approximately a month ago, and the number of vehicles produced
per day will go from 290 to 240.

The car company is scaling down its manufacturing as it prepares to do away with car assembly altogether by 2018 and become an import-only business. 

John Camillo of the AMWU said the job cuts
were expected, but the news was still difficult for the workers and the

“We are
also concerned about the immediate flow on effects into the components sector,
which will now no doubt see job losses, and into the entire Adelaide community,” he said in a statement.

Image: AAP

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