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New trend in gourmet food for babies

An increasing number of parents are purchasing gourmet food for their babies and toddlers, according to industry analysts IBISWorld.

AAP reports that the trend is being driven by the fact that many mothers are returning to work earlier after child birth, combined with parents' generally busy lifestyles and marketing which highlights nutritional needs.

IBISWorld senior industry analyst Lauren Magner explained that baby food options have expanded to include products like organic infant formula.

"The marketing efforts by baby food manufacturers and retailers has been targeting these parents that want to provide their young ones with optimal nutrition so this has provided an increase in demand for premium and gourmet baby food," Magner said.

As reports, research recently published by the George Institute found Australian baby foods are generally healthier than baby foods available in Britain and Canada.

Still, according to the research which looked at 309 products, 30 per cent of the products available locally were high in sugar, while six per cent were high in saturated fat and six per cent were high in salt.

The IBISWorld study found that there is potential for expansion of Australia’s baby food export market, particularly to Asia’s expanding middle classes.

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