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New subsidy helps manufacturers cut costs, boost sustainability


Queensland manufacturers are boosting sustainability and cutting costs by reducing energy, water and waste through a state government subsidy. 

Queensland minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher, said many manufacturing businesses want to streamline resource use and shrink their carbon footprint, but don’t know where to start. 

“We know these measures will help cut costs as well as help the environment, but auditing these processes within the business has been challenging – until now,” he said. 

“Manufacturing contributes $20 billion a year to the state’s economy, so when businesses can be as efficient as possible, it means more good jobs and better services for Queenslanders.” 

The Queensland government is offering a subsidy for businesses who want to benchmark their sustainability processes and target waste to improve efficiencies. 

Sunstate Timbers in Deception Bay and All Industries Group in Yeppoon were the first businesses in Queensland to be part of the program. 

“My department is working with The Ecoefficiency Group (TEG), who will come into each business and identify areas where improvements can be made in the use of energy, water or other resources. They will create a report that identifies areas for improvement and measures the business against industry best practice,” Butcher said. 

“To assist Queensland manufacturers further, we will subsidise up to 75 per cent of the cost for the first 40 businesses to sign up. Businesses who apply after that will be eligible for up to 50 per cent subsidised costs of the audit.” 

Ensuring more efficiency in the manufacturing sector means less water and energy is wasted and less waste is generated, TEG director Penny Prasad said. 

“This benefits the environment and our society as a whole,” she said. “Also, it improves the bottom line for the business – it’s a win-win all around.” 

Butcher congratulated Sunstate Timbers and AIG for stepping up to help create change and encouraged others to follow suit. 

“We’re keen to really get businesses engaged and invested in this project,” he said. 

“It will deliver a range of benefits and the more businesses that we get to do it, the greater those benefits to the environment and to the community will be.” 

For more information about the subsidy, click here

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