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New sensors identify wear on liners for preventative maintenance

Plastic manufacturing company, igus, has launched its smart sensors which track the wear of linear plain bearing liners.

Helping to increase the reliability of liners, a sensor in the bearing liners calculates the wear limit and notifies a controller when a threshold is reached.

Allowing for preventative maintenance rather than running to system failure, these products reduce plant down time and limit lost productivity.

Used in applications such as packaging machines, the glass processing industry and machine tools, linear robots and systems have to bear heavy loads.

Distributed by Treotham Automation, the sensors combine with igus’s smart bearing replacement technique, which avoids the need for total disassembly as the replacement can take place directly on the fail. Overall, downtime is reportedly reduced to a minimum and processes can be back up and running in a few minutes.

Notification and information processes can be carried out at a communications module that collects the data of all smart plastics sensors, then processing and forwarding them to the user terminal.

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