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New rust converter extends steel life, saves business time and money

Chemsearch Australia has introduced a new rust converter that saves
businesses time and money and also extends the life of steel.

Rust is a highly destructive force that can compromise and destroy
expensive building materials, mechanical parts and exposed surfaces. Treating
rust problems is not only extremely labour intensive but also very costly for

Specially developed by Chemsearch Australia, the Chelade rust converter is
a ready-to-use solution that does not require any pre-surface treatment and will
not leave any rust behind that may lead to future corrosion. Additionally, the Chelade
formulation can be used as a high quality primer for multiple surfaces.

Apart from treating rust and corrosion, Chelade also creates a black
polymeric protective barrier resistant to renewed oxidation and deterioration,
making the protective surface an ideal base for new paint layers.

Two key objectives during the development of Chelade rust converter included
cutting labour time and delivering longer lasting protection. Application of
the solution saves time and reduces labour costs as Chelade’s proven
ready-to-use formulation does not require sandblasting, grinding or scraping prior
to the treatment process.

Chemsearch’s Country Manager Robert Epps explains that Chelade has the
potential to save hundreds of dollars in maintenance and replacement costs
while minimising business interruption. It also provides a long-term solution
that is versatile enough to work on nearly any surface susceptible to rust

A recent case study confirmed Chemsearch Australia’s claims, proving
that the structural integrity of the material can be saved if Chelade is used
as soon as rust appears. In this example, Chelade, when applied to a rusted tin
roof over an office, quickly and effectively converted the rust and created an
impervious polymeric protective barrier that prevented further rust formation.

Founded in 1919, Chemsearch is a worldwide manufacturer of industrial
and commercial maintenance products including cleaning, water treatment,
lubrication and drain maintenance supplies and equipment. 

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