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New Queensland manufacturer to chase ADF’s light armoured vehicle contract

New Queensland company Protected Transport Systems [PTS] is competing for a $1 billion contract with the Australian Defence Force to build light armoured vehicles.

Derek Andrews, Executive Chairman of PTS, has welcomed the support of Queensland Treasurer and Minister for Employment and Economic Development Andrew Fraser for the bid.

“It is vital that the State Government is supportive because if we win this contract it means more jobs for Queenslanders and really boosts our growing defence transport industry,” Andrews said.

“It is a very important contract and it’s a chance for us to provide greater protection to our soldiers in combat situations.

“The ADF are after an armoured vehicle lighter than the Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle.

“The Bushmaster has been an outstanding success since it was introduced in East Timor in 1999. However the ADF also needs off-road capability in a lighter blast and bullet protected vehicle to combat the danger from ambush and roadside bombs.

Andrews said PTS was incorporated in September to respond to the ADF’s needs. PTS brings together long standing Queensland manufacturing competencies with Koos de Wet Consulting, who have more than 30 years of Australian based armour design and project management capability, to lodge a multi-product response to the ADF Request for Proposals: Land 121Ph4 01/09

“The ADF is looking for a vehicle light enough to be deployed off-road, on deserts and mountain tracks; is transportable by helicopter and able to provide high levels of soldier survivability through ballistic and blast protection,” Andrews said.

“We have a strategy of offering the ADF better than the required level of blast protection and vehicle performance; aiming for the best product supplied through the best product acquisition system.”

Andrews added the manufacture of the new vehicle would take place in Toowoomba at Great Western Manufacturing, using the existing factory and sourcing material, components and services Australia wide.

“The manufacturing solution offered by PTS taps into Queensland’s established defence and transport manufacturing capability, potentially generating purchases and contracts worth more than $1 billion, and 250 manufacturing jobs over 5 years,” he said.

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