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New polymer developed that can be recognised by metal detectors

Treotham announces a new polymer material developed by plastic bearings
expert igus that can be recognised by metal detectors. The new material finds
application in diverse industrial applications including packaging, sports
equipment, food processing and automotive manufacturing.

igus’ complete igubal range includes lubrication- and maintenance-free
rod end bearings and clevis joints, flanged units, press-fit and pedestal
bearings. Both the housing and spherical balls are made from detectable

The igubal bearings range made from the new polymer allows easy
detection by standard metal detection systems including all potential plastic
residues down to the tiniest particle.

Manufactured completely from tribo-optimised polymers, the self-adjusting
bearings are easy to install, adjust to all angular misalignments, and can
replace metallic components in many applications.

Key features and benefits of the igubal detectable bearings include up
to 80 per cent lighter than traditional metal bearings, increasing efficiency
of machines and systems; dry running properties; unaffected by dirt and dust
contamination; ability to operate in liquids and a variety of chemicals; and corrosion

igubal bearings can operate in application temperatures from 4°C to 80°C.
The two-part combined bearings, unlike their steel counterparts, can absorb
vibrations, enabling bearing components to absorb very high forces.

Unlike roller bearings that fail prematurely and require readjustment or
retrofitting to compensate for alignment errors, igubal spherical bearings eliminate
the need for exact placement of shafts and housing, making them an ideal
solution for simple as well as complex designs. 

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