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New leadership team at the AMWU

The AMWU has elected a new team of leaders, unopposed, after former national secretary Dale Oliver’s departure for the ACTU on August 31.

Paul Bastian was elected National Secretary and Andrew Dettmer national president on August 31.

“Ours is a great union, with 160 years of history. I respect the great traditions and history of our union but I also understand the many challenges ahead,” said Bastian, whose resume includes roles as AMWU national president, NSW state secretary and a shipwright.

Dettmer cited outsourcing and a lack of government protection in the industry among his concerns.

“Training levels in our industries are at record lows, many of our young people can’t get apprenticeships and our manufacturers continue to move offshore,” said the president.

“We must ensure that our politicians govern in the interests of workers and their jobs. It’s a difficult time on many fronts but we are ready to fight for manufacturing.”

Dettmer has previously served as a Queensland/NT secretary and in the ADSTE.

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