New ifm hygienic flow meter with IO-Link to benefit food manufacturing

In today’s fast-paced industrial sector, the intersection of digital connectivity and hygiene is crucial for maintaining product quality and meeting regulatory standards. The rise of digitalisation has brought transformative changes to various industries, especially in flow measurement.

Digitalisation has significantly improved food manufacturing by offering real-time data accuracy and ensuring quality assurance. Easy plug-and-play installations can simplify the setup process, enabling operations to quickly leverage the benefits of digital connectivity.

One prime example of cutting-edge technology in the food industry is the new ifm Hygienic Flow Meter with IO-Link, which provides swift benefits in quality control and efficiency. According to Glenn Thornton, ifm’s national product and brand manager, there is a growing demand for this type of technology in modern industry.

“Real-time data is crucial for us at ifm, and this solution provides transferable, readable, and actionable insights,” said Thornton.

“This traceability creates a new level of improved quality assurances. Every aspect of your operation is within reach, empowering you to make informed decisions and optimize your processes like never before.”

Image: Ifm

IO-Link, a standardized serial communication protocol in industrial automation, interfaces sensors or actuators with higher-level control systems. This integration offers increased flexibility, easier configuration, enhanced diagnostics, and seamless integration, making it a popular choice for industrial automation applications.

“We understand the importance of simplicity in the workflow,” says Thornton. “That’s why we’ve designed the Hygienic Flow Meter for effortless integration,” said Thornton

Moreover, ifm has engineered a solution that is built to endure the rigours of the food industry while providing invaluable insights, according to Thornton.

“Quality is paramount in the food industry. That’s why the Hygienic Flow Meter undergoes rigorous testing. From temperature shock tests to pressure peak simulations, this device is built to withstand the most demanding conditions to ensure long-lasting performance.

“So, you can trust that your measurements are accurate, every time. It also has a protection rating of IP67 and IP69K,” said Thornton.

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