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New funding for projects that stop waste to landfill

A new round of National Packaging Covenant funding has been announced for projects that divert used packaging from landfill.

The National Packaging Covenant is a unique, world leading agreement between Governments and the packaging industry.

Companies who sign the Covenant commit to working towards sustainable packaging outcomes. When they sign, they make a financial contribution that is matched dollar-for-dollar by State Governments.

This joint funding arrangement supports a diverse range of projects around Australia that divert used packaging from landfill.

For more information, guidelines and an application form go to:

Project funding is available to all signatories and applications close on Friday April 9, 2010.

Funding priorities include:

1. Projects that divert used packaging from workplaces and public places. Priority will be given to projects that focus on new collection infrastructure and services —such as retail, offices, shopping centres, hotels and restaurants, food service, catering, manufacturing, institutions, universities, hospitals, schools etc. Priority will be given to projects that divert more than 5,000 tonnes per year. Projects should focus on improving current systems and infrastructure — such as education and awareness.

2. Litter reduction or prevention programs for litter hot spots. As identified in the Keep Australia Beautiful, National Litter Index, projects should have a strong community engagement, research, education and partnership focus and involve other project partners. Include evaluation of project outcomes and measurable litter reduction and changes in littering behaviour. T

The Covenant model has been very successful. In 2003 the recycling rate for packaging in Australia was about 39%, in 2008 it was 57% and by 2010 the Covenant aims for this to be 65%.

National Packaging Covenant CEO, Ed Cordner, is able to provide comment on items such as: Packaging recycling rates in Australia and kerbside collection systems; Covenant projects and this new round of funding plus other areas such as plastics, glass, cardboard and so forth.

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