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New forklift allows warehouse redesign

COMFORT Uniforms recently purchased its second Aisle-Master articulated forklift. The company distributes DNC workwear and space was at a premium at its NSW warehouse in Wetherill Park.

Its existing three-wheeled counter balance forklifts, which had been used inside to handle varying sizes of pallets, were due to be replaced and all aspects of their materials handling were reviewed to find the most effective way to increase capacity.

Various materials handling equipment were researched and trailed with the articulated Aisle-Master forklift giving the best option in both increased pallet spaces and functionality. A racking plan was drawn to fully utilise the forklift’s capabilities. The aisles were narrowed and rack heights were raised to suit the forklift which increased the capacity of the warehouse substantially.

“The ability to narrow our aisles and the Aisle-Masters’ high reach capability is a great improvement on our previous method of storage and retrieval,” said Luke Veitch, Comfort Uniform’s receiving and dispatch leading hand.

“By choosing the forklift we increased the warehouse capacity by approximately 25%.”

The versatility of the forklift to work both inside and out has streamlined truck to rack operation for Comfort Uniforms, which helps to reduce double-handling of pallets and also lessens the risk of product damage.

Comfort Uniforms opted for two of the European made 20S LP gas Aisle-Masters. The forklift’s articulated design contributes to better health and safety procedures due to the much improved visibility from the cab.

“We have safety advantages through better vision, because the truck is articulated you can see the pallet going into the rack as opposed to looking up through the mast as is required with a reach truck,” said Veitch.

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