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New facility transforms plastic waste into building materials

Plastic waste can now  be repurposed into low-carbon building materials at Australia’s first RESIN8 production facility in Melbourne.

In partnership with the Australia and New Zealand Recycling Platform (ANZRP), CRDC Australia officially opened the state-of-the-art facility, located in Tottenham.

Attended by over 100 stakeholders from government, non-profits, academia, and industry, the event highlighted the collaborative effort towards innovative environmental solutions.

Managing Director of CRDC Australia Shane Ramsey said officially opening the full-scale RESIN8 facility was a landmark in sustainable innovation.

“Following the US, Costa Rica, and South Africa, we are proud to be the fourth global location hosting this ground-breaking technology. We now have a local solution to transform plastic waste into innovative, eco-friendly building solutions,” said Ramsey.

The opening marks a significant leap in Australia’s efforts to tackle the plastic waste crisis by transforming plastics into a valuable material for the construction industry.

ANZRP CEO Warren Overton said the facility launch was a pivotal moment for the construction industry and e-waste management in Australia.

“By converting difficult to recycle plastic waste into a valuable resource for the construction industry, we are not only addressing the environmental challenges of today but also paving the way for future innovations. We take great pride in partnering with CRDC Global to introduce this innovative circular solution that effectively manages our members’ plastic waste,” said Overton.

RESIN8 is a versatile, high-performance, low-carbon hybrid mineral-polymer engineered for both structural and non-structural building applications.

It meets and surpasses international ASTM standards and provides a sustainable alternative to conventional building materials.

Unique to RESIN8 is CRDC’s proprietary and carbon-negative production process which accepts all types of plastics, not only resins 1 and 2.

The RESIN8 facility will operate with an initial capacity of 1 metric tonne per hour which will increase in the coming months.

Its modular production lines allow for rapid scaling to meet the growing demand for sustainable building materials in Australia and beyond.

The facility will also play a critical role in addressing the soft plastics recycling gap left by the collapse of REDcycle.

The soft plastic taskforce is already utilising the new RESIN8 facility to recycle household soft plastics collected as part of an initial trial across 12 Melbourne supermarkets.

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