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New bubble wrap doesn’t ‘pop’

US-based Sealed Air Corp has done the unthinkable – made bubble wrap that doesn’t pop.

The Wall Street Journal reports the new packaging product promises to revolutionise the packaging – but at the same kill a simple pleasure enjoyed by children the world over.

Sealed Air Corp actually invented bubble wrap back in 1957. The company’s decision to replace the famous product with a non-popping version was not driven by malice but by the fact that standard bubble wrap is bulky and therefore costly to transport.

Currently it has to be shipped on large spools. Because of their size, the company will not deliver them further than 240 km from its factory.

In contrast, the new product (known as iBubble Wrap) can be shipped in flat sheets that take up one 50the the space of the original product. Users will then simply blow it up with a pump.

Economical, cost-effective, efficient, but…

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