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New bridges and cranes safe operation guide

WORKSAFE Victoria has released a guide for operating a variety of configurations of bridges and gantry cranes.

The guide covers powered operations including traversing, travelling, hoisting and rotation.

According to the authority, the guide will be useful for employers, health and safety representatives, health and safety committees, employees and safety inspectors.

It can be used to form an opinion about suitable health and safety risk controls, and can be used to formulate “reasonably practicable” safety measures.

The guide developer says the publication is not a substitute for training. It does not cover the specifics needed by an operator.

According to statistics from the authority, there were 27 crane-related prosecutions from 1999 to 2004, resulting in over $1.1m in fines. Four were related to fatalities.

It hopes the guide will play a part in decreasing the incidents of crane mishaps, and thus cut the costs associated with such incidents, including fatalities, serious injuries, property damage, fines, increased premiums and lost productivity.

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