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New body to test and regulate quality, safety and performance

The four agencies that currently test and regulate the quality, safety and performance of almost everything – from cars, to medical equipment, to our food and drinking water – JAS-ANZ, NATA, NMI and Standards Australia have agreed to establish a new body – the Technical Infrastructure Alliance (TIA) – to identify and execute joint projects, with the aim of bringing greater efficiency and performance in quality standards.

The TIA says it will enable better collaboration, efficiency and innovation between the four member organisations across the field of testing and conformance to quality, safety and performance – documentary standards.

The four member organisations assist Australian industry to trade competitively in the global marketplace by providing their products and services with an internationally recognised assurance of quality, safety, performance, consistency and accuracy.

Additionally, these Australian organisations are influential in the testing and accreditation of documentary standards across the world – especially in developing countries.

The TIA will meet quarterly with the first meeting scheduled for 12 April 2010. Independent consultants, StanCert will organise and chair all meetings.

Dr James Galloway, CEO of JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand, said, “The TIA would enable the separate organisations to present a unified and consistent approach to stakeholders, by providing a collaborative workspace independent of each organisation and guided by impartial project management.”

Alan Patterson, CEO of NATA (sNational Association of Testing Authorities) said by combining the efforts of our organisations, Australia will be better placed to sustain its technical standards infrastructure into the future.

“The TIA will help to ensure the delivery of reliable Australian products and services – to both the domestic and international markets.”

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