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New Amaero US facility commissions AmPro machines

The first AmPro SP500 and SP100 machines are being commissioned at Amaero’s new facility in El Segundo, California.

The additive manufacturer, which has exclusive distribution rights for the sale for AmPro machines in North America, has begun selling the machines and their ancillaries.

Amaero CEO, Barrie Finnin said the commission marked a significant milestone.

“Having the AmPro SP500 and SP100 operational for the first time marked the start of our machine sales in the United States,” he said.

“Machine sales form an important part of our business plan and strategy.”

The AmPro SP500 is suited to the manufacture of steel tooling and with its advanced technology is safer and more productive.

It has a large build area of 500 x 250 x 250 mm with minimal factory floor impact compared to traditional machines tool options, made possible through features such as removable build cartridges which enable fast build change overs.

The AmPro SP100 is simple to use, easy to maintain, and ideal for research and development, academia, teaching, and low volume production. It has a smaller laser powder bed fusion platform with a build envelope of 100mm diameter and 80mm in build height.

Amaero general manager of US operations, Shawn Zindroski said he was particularly impressed by the safety, efficiency, and capital costs of the machines and look forward to putting them to use.

“Historically, additive manufacturing systems have had high capital costs, but with the new AmPro SP500 equipment, we can scale to higher volumes and adopt multiple systems at once,” he said.

“The SP100 technology gives us the ability to test, validate, and develop our internal parameters set for our existing powder alloys.

“Importantly, as the metal powder market continues to evolve we will have a platform to test new alloys easily to scale for our customer production runs.”

The ancillary equipment allows users to process powder in a closed loop inert environment, separating the technician from airborne power, which is critical to occupational health and safety standards and product quality.

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