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New 3D printing system to revolutionise metal manufacturing

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Desktop Metal has launched two 3D printing systems to cover the full product lifecycle – from prototyping to mass production – which the company believes will mark a fundamental shift in how products will be developed and brought to market. The DM Studio and DM Production systems are said to reduce costs and significantly increase speed, safety and print quality.

According to Desktop Metal, its 3D printing system is the first office-friendly 3D printing system for rapid prototyping, and is 10 times less expensive than existing technology. The system is a complete platform, including both a printer and microwave-enhanced sintering furnace, which together can deliver complex geometries of metal 3D printed parts right in an engineer’s office or on the shop floor.

Using new, proprietary Single Pass Jetting (SPJ) technology, the Production System is 100 times faster than today’s laser-based additive manufacturing systems, according to the company. For customers, the system also significantly reduces the cost-per-part when compared with today’s laser-based systems, making it competitive with mass production techniques like casting.

“Until now, metal 3D printing has failed to meet today’s manufacturing needs due to high costs, slow processes and hazardous materials,” said Ric Fulop, CEO and co-founder of Desktop Metal.

“With a team of some of the world’s leading experts in materials science, engineering and innovation, Desktop Metal has eliminated these barriers by developing metal 3D printing systems that can safely produce complex, strong metal parts at scale.”

The DM Studio System is available to reserve in May with shipping beginning in September 2017. The Studio printer is available for US$49,900 and the complete system, including printer, debinder and furnace, is $120,000. The DM Production System is available on reserve in May for shipping beginning in 2018.

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