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NCIA gets second tile factory approval; 70 new jobs created

Ceramic tile manufacturer, National Ceramic Industries Australia (NCIA) has received New South Wales Government approval for a multi-million dollar factory expansion plan for its Rutherford-based tile manufacturing facility.

The $65 million expansion will see the construction of a second factory at its Centaurus manufacturing plant located in Rutherford in the New South Wales Hunter Valley region.

According to a report by the ABC, the second factory will house additional production lines and will reportedly enable the tile manufacturer to double its output to more than 25 million square metres of tiles per year at the Racecourse Road site.

The expansion is expected to create 70 new jobs at the facility.

The approval has been grant despite a wave of community opposition over the environmental impact of the plans on the surrounding community last November.

The approval comes despite the fact that NCIA’s emission level will come close to or exceed relevant air quality goals under the expansion plan.

National Ceramics Industries Australia (NCIA) is the largest tile manufacturer in Australia. Its Centaurus manufacturing plant is located in Rutherford in the New South Wales Hunter Valley region.

The company manufactures tiles from Australian clay for nation-wide distribution as well as distribution in New Zealand.

NCIA tiles are suitable for commercial and domestic applications and are said to be independently tested to meet International and Australian standards. Wear and grip testing is conducted on certain ranges, according to the company.

NCIA is a subsidiary of South African-listed Ceramic Industries.

Image: NCIA

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