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Navantia courts WA industry over frigate plans

Shipbuilder Navantia had discussions with local Western Australian (WA) businesses regarding its potential build of nine anti-submarine warfare frigates for the Australian Navy.

The company has been shortlisted as one three candidates to design the SEA5000 Future Frigates to replace the existing ANZAC Class fleet.

WA’s department of commerce industry development director John O’Hare said that Navantia used yesterday’s briefing to discuss their approach to the build program, identify opportunities for local industry and hold important one-on-one business meetings.  

“This A$35 billion build program is a significant opportunity for local businesses to contribute towards the build and sustainment of the next generation of Navy frigates,” O’Hare said.

“Local industry is already repairing, maintaining and sustaining Navy vessels, including the current ANZAC frigates, so we’re ready to take part in future naval ship build and sustainment programs like SEA5000.”

The minister said the state’s local industry had significant expertise including steel fabrication, and electrical, mechanical and process engineering which put WA in a strong position for naval ship build and sustainment programs.

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