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Mutli Channel Solutions files US patent, sets up new company

Mutli Channel Solutions, in association with KMI Zeolite, has lodged a provisional application with US Patent and Trade Marks office, to protect its formulation to be used in its new Feline Favorite Cat Litter product.

In a statement to the ASX, Multi Channel Solutions chairman, Des Samle said the full application is currently being finalised and will be lodge shortly.

“We have worked with KMI Zeolite to develop the formulation for our Cat Litter and both parties are firmly of the view that we have achieved a product that is outstanding in terms of total odour control and super fast clumping among other characteristics,” Samle said in the statement.

“We are truly excited about the results of the research that has been jointly carried out, which confirms our view that every deficiency of occur products has now been addressed and solved.”

The company is so sure of the new Feline Favorite Cat Litter product’s success that it will set up of a new company in the US dedicated to this product.

“Our confidence in the product is such that we will be registering a company in the USA, with equal share holding allocated to both Multi Channel Solution and KMI Zeolite to hold the patent and protect our joint interest in the formulation,” Samle said.

Canadian company KMI Zeolite, registered to operate in Nevada US, is majority owned by Canadian land development, mining and energy company Hillcrest Investments.

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