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MSQ announces $5.06m plan to advance manufacturing in QLD

Manufacturing Skills Queensland (MSQ) has announced the first-of-its-kind 2024- 25 Annual Training Plan, delivering a $5.06 million-investment commitment to advancing Queensland manufacturing.

The Annual Training Plan outlines 19 programs set to be rolled out from 1 July 2024, delivered across four investment priority areas.

The priority areas include $1,255,000 to attraction and engagement, $950,000 to trades, transformation, $1,360,000 leadership training and skills and $1,500,000 to diversity in manufacturing.

Queensland minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing, Glenn Butcher said the new investment will empower the Queensland manufacturing sector to innovate and grow.

“Our vision is a thriving industry with new opportunities for all, so this plan and partnership with MSQ, alongside the strengths of the industry, position Queensland’s manufacturers for continued success,” said Butcher.

“I’ve always said if we can make it here, we should.”

Developed in consultation with industry, MSQ has used insights and recommendations from a six-week, in-person and online industry consultation and engagement process.

This process included more than 300 employers, leaders, professionals, and experts and was held in metro and regional areas throughout Queensland earlier this year.

The 2024/2025 Plan aims to support employers with embracing transformation, sustainability practices, and strategic workforce planning to ensure a thriving future for our industry.

Some of the key MSQ’s Annual Training Plan 2024/2025 programs include:

  • Women in Trades Mentoring program $1,350,000 – providing intensive support to 100 female apprentices in their first or second year of their manufacturing apprenticeship.
  • Higher level learning subsidy $500,000 – investing in higher-level skills of leaders by facilitating access to advanced training, fostering deeper expertise, and paving the way for career progression.
  • Manufacturing General Induction programs $130,000 – co-designed with industry to help new starters improve industry knowledge gaps, and safety concerns such as work health and safety, workplace expectations.
  • Pathways to a Trade program $250,000 – providing a curriculum-based opportunity for year 11 and 12 students to experience the manufacturing industry.

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