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MotorOne Group leverages IIoT to digitalise manufacturing facility

MotorOne Group

Australian automotive aftermarket service provider, MotorOne Group, has embarked on a six-month, $295,000 research project to automate and digitalise its manufacturing and quality assurance processes. 

Working in collaboration with Swinburne University of Technology and supported by the Innovative Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (IMCRC), MotorOne Group will harness IIoT to capture and monitor key information on the factory floor. 

Once designed, the IIoT solution will assist with production processes and support data-driven decision making in real-time. 

As part of the project, MotorOne Group will participate in IMCRC’s futuremap program and undertake an in-depth Industry 4.0 readiness assessment to inform its digital manufacturing strategy. 

Greg Lewis, CEO of MotorOne Group, said his team was delighted to collaborate with IMCRC and Swinburne to design and integrate the solution into MotorOne Group’s chemical manufacturing facility in Bayswater. 

“The challenge we currently face is that our manual chemical mixing process results in significant variations in final product quality. With this project, we are working towards a flexible IIoT solution to improve yield, reduce waste and subsequently bring a more positive environmental impact,” he said. 

“We welcome the opportunity to partner with IMCRC and Swinburne on a project that will result in commercial enhancements and contribute to the development of new products for an emerging marketplace.” 

Swinburne Associate Professor and research lead, Prem Prakash Jayaraman, said the research collaboration would optimise efficiency and productivity throughout MotorOne Group’s entire manufacturing process. 

“Over the course of the project, Swinburne and MotorOne Group will work hand in glove to design and build an IIoT solution that seamlessly combines sensing, communication and data analytics,” he said. 

“By enabling machine-to-machine communication, designing interactive human-machine interfaces and integrating IIoT data with existing systems, MotorOne Group is embracing technological innovation and becoming an active part of Australia’s shift towards advanced manufacturing.” 

Simon Dawson, IMCRC’s director for Industrial Transformation, said IMCRC will contribute $63,000 in co-funding towards the industrial automation project. 

“By pioneering the design of modular and agile technology, MotorOne Group has the potential to expand its offering and provide the solution to other manufacturing small to medium enterprises for adoption,” he said. 

“These collaborative partnerships between industry and university are invaluable and enable businesses to access the expertise and support needed to more seamlessly introduce and integrate Industry 4.0 into their operations.” 

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