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Mother mourns 18-year-old after ‘preventable’ death

A South Australian mother has been interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald over her son’s ‘entirely preventable death’ in 2004.

The 18-year-old apprentice toolmaker was killed when he was dragged by his dustcoat into a 40-year-old boring machine at a manufacturing site owned by Diemould Tooling Services in Adelaide.

The teenager suffered deadly injuries to various parts of his body as the machine flung him around, and his last moments were reportedly spent hanging from the machine, surrounded by his work colleagues, as paramedics fought to save his life.

According to the interview, his mother, Andrea Madeley, “will forever agonise that she wasn’t by her son Daniel’s side in his last conscious moments.”

She told the Sydney Morning Herald that she would have wanted to have been there, because she was always going to be loyal to him.

She has reportedly campaigned since the incident to find the truth about what happened, and to prevent similar injuries happening to other workers.

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